Additional Products and Services

Do you want PURIFIED DRINKING WATER right at your tap?

HealthPoint Reverse Osmosis

Custom manufactured to our specifications to provide our customers with a superior product that has a proven track record in purity of water and operating reliability. Safe, healthy and convenient drinking water for you and your family. More >


Do you want to SAVE TIME, MONEY and RESOURCES?

HealthPoint Water Softener

Our Water Softeners make a clear difference throughout your home and allow you to save a substantial amount of money month after month. More >


Do you desire CLEAN FRESH water throughout your home?

HealthPoint Whole House Carbon

With the same superior construction and reliability like our other products, use the Whole House Carbon to remove all negative odor, taste, and chlorine in the water. More >


Water Heater Garbage Disposal
Chiller & Insta Hot Hot Water Recirculation Pump
Custom made Moisture Detector & Tray Water Pressure Regulator & Ball Valve
Wide Selection of Reverse Osmosis Faucets Salt Delivery
Ultra Violet Light Service & Delivery Contracts
Various Filtration Mediums Lite Plumbing